Understanding how plaster, cement, concrete and synthetic textures are made and how to work with them.

Black Mountain, N. Carolina


Mastering Plaster

Take the mystery out of natural and synthetic textures. Learn how and why cement, plaster of paris, slaked lime, acrylic polymers and aggregates are mixed and used as mortars, cement overlays and textures. Learn how to make your own venetian plasters, lime paint, concrete imitation and synthetic textures. See how different aggregates work in and on textures.

This class is not to show you how to replace commercial products so much as to give you an understanding as to how they are made and used so if problems arise, you can do something about it.   Case studies will be shared.

A valuable lesson in how things work. Learn what you can use to modify a synthetic texture so it will change its look and working properties.

Knowledge is Power.

$250 Eight samples of your own decorative veneer plaster – 8 hours