A little about Dundean Studios…

We approach every commission with the same commitment: To efficiently create or restore a beautiful work or space with a minimum of impact.
A lot of artists can create beautiful work but work haphazardly with no concern for time. A lot of artisans have only a set of finishes that they sell because they are only concerned with time and money. We strive to find a balance between the two. In twenty-five years of pure decorative work and thirty-five years overall of painting and decorating in both residential and commercial spaces we have literally done it all. From decorative veneer plasters (venetian plaster) to marbling and woodgraining to painting and restoring murals; all aspects of applying decorative coatings on architecture are within our compass.



We work with Architects, Designers, Interior Decorators and Homeowners.

We first find out the type and purpose of a space, then interview the client for a “vision” of what they want. At the first visit, color or a color range is determined, space is measured, time frame and any specifications are discussed and then a bid is verbally given within 36 hours.

If the proposal is found acceptable, then large-scale samples are created according to agreed upon specifications. At the presentation of the samples a written proposal is presented, a deposit given and a schedule set. If the samples need adjusting, that is done and returned ASAP.

Small to medium size projects and available as a sub-contractor for specialty and large projects.

Dean has a special interest in the restoration of aesthetic and/or historically important projects. An on-going commission (2013) involves stabilizing, repairing and restoring 55 painted-on-plaster panels of faux marble with trompe l’oeil moldings.   These were originally painted in 1857 and had been covered in wallpaper for over 100 years.

We know when to call in the preservation experts and will readily admit when the project is beyond our capabilities. We can recommend several preservation companies we have worked with for appraisals.

Dean’s expertise in wood finishing, plaster and color design are very much in demand but he is always interested in challenging commissions and projects. Dean is certified as a Master Installer/Instructor of Texston Venetian Plasters and can work on or assist any projects working with lime-based decorative plasters.

In Early Winter, 2013, he will start finishing 18 ornamental plaster ceilings at the Beresford Apts. (Upper West Side, NY) in refined colors and glazes (designed by the esteemed Eve Ashcraft Studios) for an updated look.

Decorative Painting

Decorative painting is an amazingly diverse art form which takes into account a variety of techniques used to decorate an array of surfaces such as but not limited to walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. Some of the more notable techniques are woodgraining, marbling, stenciling, and glazing, which involve using traditional media such as oil, casein, varnish or wax, as well as contemporary media such as acrylics, water-based metals, and synthetic textures.  Decorative painting is in no way a new practice, it, in fact, can be traced throughout our history and linked back to endless cultures.  A lot of the decorative painting we see practiced today is primarily rooted in the techniques and aesthetics of the Renaissance period.   With new materials such as metallic plasters, iridescent pigments, acrylic waxes, natural lime and cement and others, a  contemporary look suitable for modern architecture can be achieved for discerning decorators and homeowners.

Repair & Restoration

Repair, Restore, Refinish, Re-construct, when it comes to a restoration project we pride ourselves in doing our research.  With a solid grounding in traditional and ancient techniques, our artisans can re-create any finish using either modern or traditional materials.

Each renovation is vastly different and its not enough to just jump into washing, priming, infilling and glazing.  We understand the importance of stepping back and truly putting ourselves in the shoes of the original creator, taking into consideration everything from the era and architecture to the color scheme and lighting.  It’s not enough to merely recreate but instead to realize the history of a piece, respect that and revitalize it so that it may live on for generations to appreciate.

Dean is a working artisan who understands production work and tries to bring as much efficiency and time-management as possible to all projects to ensure a rapid completion.

Contemporary Finishes
The approach to creating a successful contemporary design is simplicity, neatness, ingenuity and refinement. All synonyms of elegance. Getting rid of knickknacks and objet d’arts to reduce clutter. Reducing all visual elements in the space to basic forms and shapes. That’s why 1930’s-1950’s style modern furniture is so in vogue today. That being said, once the reduction is made, we frequently find that the results can be cold and sterile. De-humanizing, in fact.

Decorative painting can alleviate this with finishes: glazing, simple geometric or graphic patterns or colored veneer plasters. This re-introduces a visual texture to the room that lends the walls “presence” and makes one aware that you are in a designed environment and not just a “space”.

Backed by our years of knowledge and experience we strive to be the go-to solution for contemporary finishes. With new materials such as metallic plasters, iridescent pigments, acrylic waxes, natural lime and cement and others, a contemporary look suitable for modern architecture can be achieved for discerning decorators and homeowners.

Venetian Plaster
We can help you create a completely original and fulfilling atmosphere in your home or place of business. The possibilities have no end; Whether it be texturing any wall in just about any color you can imagine, vision your walls or ceilings transformed to look like they are made of marble, polished stone or concrete. With our years of experience and knowledge, we will help guide you into discovering the perfect look for your environment. Today’s technology in combination with our endless artistic ambitions allows us to create and recreate a variety of materials for decorating interior walls and ceilings. We can recreate historic materials produced for building castles for you to enjoy in your own home. As artists, our sole goal is to transform every project into a one-of-kind masterpiece that you will get to love and enjoy on a daily basis throughout the foreseeable future.

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