Contemporary looks for interior design

Contemporary Finishes

The approach to creating a successful contemporary design is simplicity, neatness, ingenuity and refinement.  All synonyms of elegance.   Getting rid of knickknacks and objet d’arts to reduce clutter.  Reducing all visual elements in the space to basic forms and shapes.  That’s why 1930’s-1950’s style modern furniture is so in vogue today.   Contemporary design and Modern style is all about planned placement and bold splashes of color in clean structured design.

That being said, once the reduction is made, we frequently find that the results can be cold and sterile. De-humanizing, in fact.   Decorative painting can alleviate this with architectural finishes: glazing, simple geometric or graphic patterns, natural stone textures (marmorino) or colored veneer plasters.  This re-introduces a visual texture to the room that lends the walls “presence” and makes one aware that you are in a designed environment and not just a “space”.

Backed by our years of knowledge and experience, we create for our distinctive clients state-of-the-art visions inspired by the type of design plan.  Not just faux painting (whatever THAT is).  With new materials such as metallic plasters, iridescent pigments, acrylic waxes, natural lime and cements and others, a  contemporary look suitable for modern architecture can be achieved for discerning decorators and homeowners.

Silver leaf ceiling