Before and After stain and glaze

Repair & Restoration

Repair, restore, refinish or re-construct.  When it comes to a restoration project we pride ourselves in doing the research.  With a solid grounding in traditional and ancient techniques, our artisans can re-create any finish using either modern or traditional materials.

Each renovation is vastly different and its not enough to just jump into washing, priming, infilling and glazing.  We understand the importance of stepping back and truly putting ourselves in the shoes of the original creator, taking into consideration everything from the era and architecture to the color scheme and lighting.  It’s not enough to merely recreate but instead to realize the history of a piece, respect that and revitalize it so that it may live on for generations to appreciate.

Dean is a working artisan who understands production work and tries to bring as much efficiency and time-management as possible to all projects to ensure a rapid completion.