We had a great furniture class this past Monday and Tuesday. We showed some great techniques for finishing kitchen and bath cabinets along with finishes for fine furniture. And of course, I’m a teacher and a student, and I still learn things today. There had been some confusion on my part about what “cerused” oak is because ceruse is another name for poisonous lead! I always called the finish “limed” oak, but it looks exactly the same as so-called Cerused Oak. Fortunately, modern techniques for duplicating this finish use neither led nor lime, but the look is again, the same. No life or death decisions here! We teach the technique for the look with none of the health risks. It was a good class and we’re looking forward to doing more and spreading our knowledge to interested hobbyist and professionals alike.

You can sign up for classes on our website here. Also feel free to check out our photo gallery and the cool projects we’re working on. We’re open to questions and comments and always interested in absorbing and challenging projects.