Stone wine cellar

“The customer wanted a wine cellar that looked like it was an old Roman cellar that was dug out and discovered buried beneath the house…”

This is only loosely considered a venetian plaster.  It is really a decorative veneer plaster

Starting with bendable cement board, flexible edging was applied.  Then all the joins were meshed and a cement render was applied to help level out the surfaces.  Then a broad mesh was applied and two coats of cement render was applied to smooth out all the rough areas.  After that was dry, I applied two coats of a cement/ lime render with embedded marble chips to create a stone-like texture.  The grout lines were scratched into the damp plaster (scraffito)   After drying, a lithium densifier was sprayed on and all the surfaces were ground with a diamond grinder.  Then all the surfaces were sealed with an Olive oil soap.